Govt “all talk and no action” on electric cars – Labour

The Labour Party says the government has failed to lead a self-proclaimed “charge” to encourage switching from petrol and diesel cars to electric ones.

Answers to written questions from October show of more than 2000 vehicles bought by the government between April and October last year, only eight were electric.

That’s despite Transport Minister Simon Bridges announcing a package in May last year to encourage a widespread switch to electric cars.

Labour’s transport spokesperson Sue Moroney said the government investing in electric cars sent the right message, and was a sensible move economically.

But Ms Moroney said the figures showed the government was all talk, and no action.

“I would have thought that the government would have been using its purchasing power to create that real demand for electric vehicles, bring the price down, but also create that pool of second hand electric vehicles that are going to be so important if they’re going to become accessible.”