Coral survival dependent on Paris climate agreement

Climate and ocean scientists say the longest global coral bleaching on record is coming to an end after destroying many reefs.

The worst affected reef system is on Jarvis Island in the central Pacific where 98 percent of coral has died and there are similarly high numbers for the parts of the Great Barrier reef and Kiritmati Island in Kiribati.

Global coral bleaching occurs when conditions in all three of the world's ocean basins that contain coral reefs become toxic to coral which are the foundations of life in tropical marine ecosystems.

The current event, caused by increased ocean temperatures, was announced in 2015 and NOAA's coral reef watch co-ordinator Mark Eakin told Koroi Hawkins it is the longest and most widespread on record and said he is also expecting it to be declared the most damaging once the extent of the destruction is fully known.


Coral survival dependent on Paris climate agreement
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