Come On Over

Bruce Hopkins wants to take his dad and brother’s ashes back home to Rakiura/Stewart Island. He’s just taking the long way to get there. The long, long way. 

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Bruce Hopkins is in Te Wai Pounamu, on the second leg of Te Araroa.

Bruce Hopkins Trail Diary – Week 29- 30

17 April – 27 April 2018.

Wanaka – Te Anau

“How are you at endings?”

‘I am now facing a series of endings. A few days ago I emerged from the Alpine section of Te Araroa after many weeks of massive ascents, descents, river crossings and all other aspects of tramping Te Wai Pounamu, the South Island of New Zealand.”

It was possibly the last time I will stand at that kind of elevation, in a wonderful aloneness, looking at the magnificence of the landscape of snow-capped mountain peaks, vast plunging river-cut valleys, feeling the blasts and power of winds sweeping through the entire scene.

“At times the scale of the environment Te Araroa throws at you is mind boggling. I am continually astounded when I take the time to look back at how far one pair of legs can haul my self-pitying arse and associated body bits along with an extra 20kg of food, tent, etc. loaded on board. 

“Damn what an incredible land this is. My initial desire to tramp Te Araroa was and still is, to express my gratitude for being born here and this experience has felt worthy of that expression.

“Cheers, come join me for a beer at the South Seas Hotel on Stewart Island on about the 10th May!!!”

Come On Over
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